Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CLuBBin' wIt YoUr gIrL

A highly debatable topic that comes up in many relationships is whether you and your significant other can go out and party together.  Don’t get me wrong it’s alright if every once in a while ya’ll go out together to a small gathering, BBQ, or some other type of small social event.  Let’s get serious though, do you really want to go to a house party or a club with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  I know I been gone a while but ain’t shit change; I’m still going to give you the complete truth because this is “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”.  A nigga DOES NOT want to go to the club with his girl because he wants be with his niggas, have a good time (girlfriend free that is; lol), and most importantly avoid an argument that can arise from being in the club with your girl.

 Honestly, at the end of the day there are only two things that can come out of going to the club with your girlfriend.  The first situation is that she tries to CUFF YOU ALL NIGHT and you can’t even enjoy yourself because she rights next to you and at the end of the day you end up paying $20 to dance with your girl all night or have her all up under you; something you could of done for free back at the crib.  The other situation is that she tells you to go have fun with your boys and that she doesn’t care if you dance with other girls because she with her girls also.  We all know this is the ultimate set-up because once your ass starts dancing with another girl, her eyes are going to be dead locked in on you and you know your going to hear about it later.  Some of us even have a crazy chick that will break up the dancing or try to get you back by dancing with another nigga and ODing while she is dancing with him.  Then you have to worry about her friends making the situation worst by hyping it and we all know how a girl’s friend can get.lol;”Look at your man dancing with her, I think they both enjoying it way too much”.

In conclusion, I think the whole going to the club/party with your girlfriend can be a very risky move.  There’s need to be A LOT of security and comfort in the relationship, a mutual understanding of what each person can do, and friends that are not haters and won’t put the battery in someone’s back to get mad.  Unfortunately, most times no relationship can satisfy all those needs; so at least you know you are in for an exciting night, lol; let me know what you think about this situation though..

Signing off & flying out…LuTV!!!!