Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CLuBBin' wIt YoUr gIrL

A highly debatable topic that comes up in many relationships is whether you and your significant other can go out and party together.  Don’t get me wrong it’s alright if every once in a while ya’ll go out together to a small gathering, BBQ, or some other type of small social event.  Let’s get serious though, do you really want to go to a house party or a club with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  I know I been gone a while but ain’t shit change; I’m still going to give you the complete truth because this is “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”.  A nigga DOES NOT want to go to the club with his girl because he wants be with his niggas, have a good time (girlfriend free that is; lol), and most importantly avoid an argument that can arise from being in the club with your girl.

 Honestly, at the end of the day there are only two things that can come out of going to the club with your girlfriend.  The first situation is that she tries to CUFF YOU ALL NIGHT and you can’t even enjoy yourself because she rights next to you and at the end of the day you end up paying $20 to dance with your girl all night or have her all up under you; something you could of done for free back at the crib.  The other situation is that she tells you to go have fun with your boys and that she doesn’t care if you dance with other girls because she with her girls also.  We all know this is the ultimate set-up because once your ass starts dancing with another girl, her eyes are going to be dead locked in on you and you know your going to hear about it later.  Some of us even have a crazy chick that will break up the dancing or try to get you back by dancing with another nigga and ODing while she is dancing with him.  Then you have to worry about her friends making the situation worst by hyping it and we all know how a girl’s friend can get.lol;”Look at your man dancing with her, I think they both enjoying it way too much”.

In conclusion, I think the whole going to the club/party with your girlfriend can be a very risky move.  There’s need to be A LOT of security and comfort in the relationship, a mutual understanding of what each person can do, and friends that are not haters and won’t put the battery in someone’s back to get mad.  Unfortunately, most times no relationship can satisfy all those needs; so at least you know you are in for an exciting night, lol; let me know what you think about this situation though..

Signing off & flying out…LuTV!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

HoLdInG ThE DooR oPeN


We were always taught that chivalry was the reason why men held the door open for women as they walked by, but I have discovered the REAL REASON.  The REAL reason is actually a simple one, which is prevalent now and even was back in time when men first started holding doors open.  We hold the door open so...WE CAN SEE IF THE WOMEN HAS A FATTY OR NOT..lol..  Think about it: we take a step back, open the door, and then look straight at the ass.  We just trying to see what the woman is working with and then we will say either:  DAMN..that ass FAT or DAMN..that ass FLAT..smh..lol

Friday, April 10, 2009


All men are attracted to different features on a woman.  Some guys like fat asses, some like big titties, some like sexy lips or pretty eyes, but today we are focusing on “THE BIG GIRLS”.  You have some people who “LOVE” big girls and even prefer them over any type of woman, then you have some who won’t even look their way, and then you just got the niggas who see pussy as pussy and don’t care if they big or not. (Excuse my language, but you know I’m only keeping it real)


Now come on people, I know ya’ll have all heard the phrase, “Big Girls Need Love too” and trust me I hear this all the time because my nigga Jay is constantly saying it because he loves big girls.  What’s not to love about big girls; so guys say they are instant heat in the winter and constant shade in the summer, and you know they can throw down in the kitchen and keep you full.   Not to forget it is more cushion’ for the pushin’ and I got a general consensus from many of my niggas that big girls have some of the best “goodies” that they ever had. Now some may take this as a joke, but many guys really feel this way and love big girls for the reasons I listed.

Now to be on some real shit, there is a difference between being a big girl and a fat girl.  Big girls are merely just a little bigger than the average woman, BUT thick in all the right places, which is always a good thing.  Trust me guys appreciate girls who are thick in the right places and have a good body.  Honestly, if your body is portioned with your weight then your good money.  I’m not one to judge because I don’t discriminate when it comes to women, because I think ALL WOMEN are beautiful.

For a closing touch to this article, I hope nobody took offense to anything said and I am very interested in knowing how ya’ll feel about this topic.  Just remember there isn’t anything wrong with being “Big” because you are still beautiful and even are some guys’ preference…SIGNING OUT…LUtv!!!  

Friday, April 3, 2009


I’m sorry to all ya’ll, I know I been slacking on my shit.  I ain’t been on my P&Qs, Ys&Zs.  But I’m BACK like COOKED CRACK!!! New material coming real soon.  Signing Out for now, but don’t go no where..LUTV

Friday, March 6, 2009

PhOnE tAlK

Talking on the phone is one of the best ways to get to know someone better; but the question is:  Do you REALLY want to be on the phone 5-6 hours a night? Or do guys only do it because that’s what the girl wants to do?  How important is a phone conversation?

Of course, you want to be able to hold a conversation with the person that your talking to; but DAMN, sometimes a nigga don’t feel like talking or is not in the mood, but to satisfy the girl we will most definitely talk to her.  The problem is that some girls really know how to run their mouth and keep talking and talking and the crazy thing is “sometimes” not all the times, a nigga really doesn’t care.  There are a few questions that are guaranteed to be asked, like: “ How was your day”, “How was work/class”, or “What’s bothering if it seems like your not being yourself”.  Don’t get me wrong, we do care, but sometimes we don’t want the whole entire, drawn out version, but asking is the right thing to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk on the phone to a girl I’m interested in and I have been subject to the late night talks till 4 or 5 in the morning, but damn a nigga don’t want to do it every night because it can get hold very quick.  As you know (I ALWAYS KEEP IT REAL), but a part of the game is not to be the first one to get sleepy; lol; so a nigga is always gonna be like “naw, I ain’t sleepy, I’m good.”  Knowing damn well a nigga is ready to knock out, but we gonna front anyways, lol.

I think the whole talking on the phone situation is indeed essential to how far your relationship with the person can/will go.  Face it; we all need someone that can hold both a good conversation and an intelligent conversation.  If the person is boring to talk to, you might not really be able to relate to them all that well, so finding that counterpart who you can talk to is very important.   I know that we all have gone through this, but it’s NOTHING WORST than that “AWKWARD or DEAD SILENCE” on the phone, lol.  You know what I’m talking about, when neither person is talking and your just thinking in your head, DAMNIT, this conversation is CRAP.  You thinking to yourself, they ain’t got nothing else to say, this AWKARD/DEAD SILENCE needs to be broken immediately because if it last for more than 5 seconds, most likely ya’ll are going to hang up.

So let me know how important PhOnE TaLk is to you when getting to know someone you ate interested in.

UP…UP..and AWAY…signing up…LuTv…


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friend with Benefits: Defined as when you don’t want a serious relationship but you want him/her as your toy to fuck around with.  It also can be when she/him are already in a relationship but you like that person so he/she agrees to be your friend with benefit.

Now the idea of a friend with benefit or a fuck buddy sounds great but how often do they really last or how often do people actually follow the rules of only being friends with benefits and nothing else.  How often does the two people involved keep the relationship at strictly fucking and not catch feeling (USUALLY THE FEMALE.lol).

 So Imma set up some rules for ya’ll so you won’t get the game all fucked up


1)    Make sure ya’ll are clear about what ya’ll want.  So I’m going help you explain it to them, keep it real, & not sugar-coat it (b/c this is a “REAL MAN’S WORLD); simply say to the other person: “WE ARE JUST FUCKING, NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS, WE ARE NOT DATING.”  That’s by far the best way of saying it, lol, but you can put it in your own words, but don’t bullshit.

2)    Both of ya’ll are trying get some quality fucking in, so make sure the person that you choose sex game/head is OFFICIAL, you don’t want the sex/head to be crap b/c then it’s a wack ass booty call & a waste of your time.

3)    Keep the conversations to a minimal, b/c TOO MUCH TALKING = NOT ENOUGH FUCKING & that’s a major problem, lol, if you wanna hold long conversations, go find a boyfriend.  Sounds fucked up but it’s true. (Refer back to rule # 1 if they just happened to forget)

4)    Don’t assume just b/c ya’ll are doing this friends with benefits thing for a long time that it means that there is relationship progression, b/c IT’S NOT!!!! I’m trynna get mine off and you trynna get yours off, CASE CLOSED!!!

5)    If you feel as though the person is starting to catch feeling for you, this is what you do: say “PUMP YOUR BRAKES,” IT’S NOT THAT KIND A PARTY” and you may even have to refer them to rule # 1 AGAIN. (Some people just don’t pay attention, haha)

6)    This is the hardest rule to follow, but is very essential.  Now ya’ll are mutual fuck buddies so whenever either one of ya’ll need a fixing, both of you must be available to please the needs of your partner.  So when they call, make arrangements to meet up & get it on.  Very often, the girl is the one who runs this process & it’s only fucking when SHE WANTS TO or FEELS LIKE IT; so please keep us men in mind & understand we got our needs too. 

----I think those rules are pretty straightforward right, please let me know if not & if

      You have any suggestions for rules that should be added, please let me know----

Over & out, signing off..LUTV!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TRUTH hurts

In a relationship, do you really want your significant other to be completely honest with you?  Do you really want to know EVERYTHING that they did in their past and do you REALLY want to know what they’re doing in their free time when they’re not with you?  In all honesty, “PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” and indeed the “TRUTH HURTS”.  

Of course no one wants their significant other to be cheating on them, sneaking around or doing things that you don’t approve of.  In addition to that, you don’t want them to be a slut, hoe, or jump-off in their past before they met you.  So I pose the question to you; do you want them to inform you about everything they did and/or everything they’re doing now.  It is sometimes better not to know because you won’t get hurt.  Some things are better left unknown and never spoke of.

 If your significant other had a lot of sexual partners before you met them, do you want to know their real number?  I’m speaking in the situation that ya’ll really like each other by this point and you are the ONLY person they have had sex with since ya’ll been talking.  If your boyfriend told you he had 20+ bodies in his past, will you hold that against him or look at him differently even though he has been the perfect man to you since ya’ll been together.  Would you rather have him tell you the truth or lie and make up a lower number?  On the other side of things, if your girlfriend was considered a hoe by society’s terms but she has HONESTLY change her ways, do you want her to tell you “I was kind of a hoe when I was younger, but I’m not like that now though” or do you want to hear the bullshit lie, “I only had sex with a couple of guys and they were all my boyfriends”. A quick question for ya’ll, DO YOU LIE ABOUT YOUR NUMBERS WHEN ASKED???

 The other situation usually goes as following: Your significant other is doing their dirt while ya’ll together, but you have absolutely no idea or suspicions.  So you ask them what they did today, would you honestly want them to say:  Went to class, work, & then fucked some bitch..LOL, I know this is an extreme and exaggerated but what I am trying to say is that if your in the dark about things and are clueless about what’s going on; would you want him/her to tell you and have you be hurt or do you not want to know and still be happy.  Or how about a lighter situation, if a girl walks by and you ask your man if she looks good or would you fuck her if we weren’t together; do you want him to say the truth and say “yea she’s bad and I would definitely hit” or do you want to hear the lie (bullshit) “Naw, she not even that cute”.  Lies are usually told to females to AVOID ARGUMENTS & MAKE YA’LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF”.  It may be fucked up, but its true and you know “IT’S A REAL MAN’S WORLD” and I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll.

 So the theory “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WON’T HURT YOU” may in fact be true…OVER & OUT..LUtV…

Friday, February 6, 2009

YOU don't KNOW my NAME!!!

What do you do when your significant other or even your EX calls you the wrong name?  Do you have the right to be mad in either situations or just when the person is a significant other?


This can lead to many problems in your relationship with the other person; because just think about it, who wants to ever be called another person’s name especially if it’s someone you are messing with or use to mess with.  I’m not gonna lie, I would be very mad if I was in either of these situations.




  • Lets just imagine that your chilling with your shawty, your boo, your special friend, or your girlfriend/boyfriend and in the midst of ya’ll just chilling and talking, they call you another person’s name.  So now you thinking, “ I KNOW THIS BITCH/NIGGA DID NOT JUST CALL ME SOMEBODY ELSE’S NAME”.  So now you gotta G-CHECK them and ask them what did they just said.  Now you got some people who will say I’m sorry I called you the wrong name and you got other people who will play the dummy role and act like they ain’t say it.  Ya’ll know I always keep it official with ya’ll because it’s “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”.  So I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll, I’m the kind of nigga that’s gonna get mad and flip out because you with me and you calling me some other nigga’s name.  So I’m thinking to myself  “so clearly he’s the person that’s on your mind and the person your  thinking about while your suppose to be with me”.  So in this first scenario, I would definitely flip out and have to find out why they are calling me someone else’s name when we suppose to be together.  As a side note:  I would definitely start an argument so we could have amazing make-up sex afterwards.( LOL, ya’ll know I HAD to add that in there)



  • Now this is a little different because now you are chilling with an EX and while you two are having a conversation, they call you someone else’s name.  It could possibly be the name of the new person they are in a relationship with or just the person they have been recently talking to since ya’ll broke up.  So does the EX have a right to be mad even though they were in the past?  The right; I don’t know, but just about all of us will be mad because no one ever wants to be called someone else’s name.  Especially by someone they use to call theirs and had feelings for because at the end of the day, it COULD show that they have slightly got over you and have moved on to somebody new. 


Each and every individual shows emotions and reacts to situations in different ways, but in both of these situations I talked about:  I would defeinitely be mad or feel some type of way about calling me the wrong name.  SIGNING OUT…LuTv….

Friday, January 23, 2009

Take YOU out on a DATE

After you meet a girl you like, of course the most appropriate thing to do next is to take her out on a date.  You must however be very careful and cautious about where you take this girl and how you treat her on a date.  You know I’m going keep it real; ultimately, all us men would LOVE to hit on the first date.  In fact, if we do hit on the first date it doesn’t necessarily mean we will think of you as a slut or a jump-off.  It could just mean that we wined and dined you and showed you a good enough time that you feel as though we were worth giving it up to on the first night.  Now, on the flip-side; if you have the tendency to ALWAYS give it up on the first date, then you may just be considered a jump-off.

 So now we must think about what is both a good and appropriate FIRST date to take a girl out on.  Do you take the traditional dinner and a movie route; or do you take her out bowling or even maybe to a skating rink.  See the problem is now that some girls don’t want to be taken to just any restaurant; they want to go to higher scale restaurant because Applebee’s, Fridays, and red lobsters are just seen as regular ass spots nowadays.  So now niggas gotta spend some more cash to take women out to more expensive spots just because they don’t want to be seen as a cheap ass nigga.  So now you take her to a spot like, lets say the Cheesecake Factory and then to the movies.  So we gonna do some math now: $70-$80+ for the meal (main course, some drinks, tip & a dessert of course), $30+ for gas, and $30+ for the movies.  So a nigga just spent about $140 + for this first date and it’s a possibility that you don’t hit, she might be wack, or she may not even feel you and you have now OFFICIALLY took a loss for the night…SMH..And spent all that money for now reason.LOL..I guess you win some and lose some right.


What if you’re the type that doesn’t like going out and likes to just relax and stay in the crib.  So you ask her to come to your crib and CHILL with you and watch movies and just have a laid back date.  So now the first thing that goes through her mind is that “OH NO, this nigga must think he gonna get me over his crib and fuck on the first night”.  Don’t get me a wrong, this is most definitely running through a niggas’s mind, if we have a chance to fuck we most definitely will, but it won’t be a forced issue.


Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the whole dating world, I ain’t no CHEAP ass nigga, but at the same time I ain’t no DUMB ass nigga neither.  I know how to wine dine and impress without going broke.  No girl is gonna be tricking on me; but ladies do remember, “IT AIN’T TRICKING IF YOU GOT IT”, so if you can get a nigga to spend all types of money on you on a date; more power to you; just know it won’t be this nigga.lol


So just let me know what you think is both a good and PRODUCTIVE first date

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pump Fake

What makes a girl a jump?? Why are some girls considered a hoe and some are not? We are all grown and in a Real Man’s World, we all know everyone is sexing. Is that special number, your number of partners, the only key to consider if you a jump? This number states a lot about a person but just because it is up there doesn’t mean she a jump, but most cases she is. But this blog entry isn’t directed to the girls with the high ass numbers but the ones with a few notches on their belt. The chick with 3, 5, or 6 partners; shit somewhere around these lines.

My dudes, if a 21 year old girl only told you she had sex with 4 other people, would you a consider her a jump? Probably not. But what if she then told you she had 1 boyfriend since she was a junior in High School that lasted for about 4 years. And after she broke up with him over the past summer. And its now winter (only 3-4 months gone by) and her number has went from 1 to 4. That’s about a dude a month, and you have no idea if she was fucking them around the same time or not. Would you consider her a jump then?

Yea her ass may use the line, I’m just "EXPERIMENTING” and just trying see what I been missing but that doesn’t give her a reason to get took down by dudes like that. But then, you have to figure out who the dudes are. Maybe there not just random men, but her friends from back in the day, who she would have given a chance to if she wasn’t cuffed and staying loyal. Who knows? But at the end of the day she made a leap from 1 to 4 in about 3 months.

This is just a snippet to get your minds thinking about this topic. I will have more scenarios in the future and I want your opinion if she a jump or not.

But from what you’ve read, do you think this girl stayed on her feet, or fell for the pump fake n JUMPED…


Why do women want the Best of Both Worlds? Why do they want to have their cake and eat it to? I’ve already came to the conclusion that women don’t ever know what they really want and seem to can’t ever make up their mind on what kind of relationship they want with certain men. Since this is “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”, your gonna hear what I think about this permanent state of confusion women always seem to have.

It seems as though girls always have those male friends that they know like them and that constantly try to get at them but they don’t ever show the same type of affection back to them. The girl knows he’s a good guy, knows he will treat her right, is easy to talk to, and is even cute in her eyes; BUT for some reason she just doesn’t want him. It almost appears that the girl is flattered that there is a guy who likes them so much and is always there for them in their times of need. He is there for them when they are having family problems, personal problems, and despite the fact that he doesn’t want to hear about the other niggas that you talk to, he even listens to you talk about that and gives you advice about all your problems. It’s not like he doesn’t let you know he is feeling you, because he does; it’s the fact that a lot of girls take it for granted the GOOD MAN that wants to be their support system. So girls usually hit you with one of the lines like: “I see you like a brother” or “I feel like I can tell you anything, your such a good friend” or “ I don’t really see you that way” or “ You do you & I’ll do me” or even “ I can’t see myself talking to you like that right now, but I can see myself being with you in the future”. This is all shit NIGGAS DON’T WANNA HEAR, but out of respect for the girl, we say “I UNDERSTAND AND RESPECT YOUR DECISION”. So the girl starts talking to the next nigga and the guy FINALLY moves on from this girl who seems like his forbidden fruit and stops putting his love life on hold for a girl who doesn’t want him and he starts to try to get at a new girl. BUT WAIT, now he stops showing the girl so much attention because he’s working on something new and positive with this new girl. So you know what happens next right, the girl realizes that this guy who was always there for her is slowly fading away, so she uses the power she has to get him back because she still has that certain hold on him. She gives him hope that they will start talking because she doesn’t want another girl having him because she knows he built for the long run and it’s a possibility that he will be in a long-term relationship and give the next girl the treatment she’s suppose to be receiving from him. In the meanwhile though, she wants to continue to talk to other guys but doesn’t want him talking to another girl…she wants THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Women seem to want to go ahead and do them and fuck with these guys that they know are wrong for them, but at the same time have that safety valve in that guy they know will treat them right and that they have this unbreakable hold over. So what I am trying to say to women is: Don’t treat a guy like a yo-yo and bring him back everything you think he’s moving on, you can’t keep someone shelved or refrigerated and put them away and try to go back and get them when YOU are ready, and don’t give a guy a false hope that something will happen between ya’ll two because all he will end up doing is holding on and waiting. So ladies, if you have that guy friend who you know will treat you right, why wait on getting treated the way your suppose to be treated as a woman. Life is too short and nothing is guaranteed; it may be something tragic that happens, it may be something small, or he may just finally get fed up with you playing with his mind and move on. Trust me though, you don’t want to look back regretting anything and saying, “What If” or “I wish I would had talked to him”. SO DON’T PUT OFF THE THINGS YOU WANT TODAY UNTIL TOMORROW…signing out….

Sunday, January 11, 2009


What are the first two things you look at when you see the opposite sex? Why do you look at that those specific features and what does it mean to you? Are you shallow or wrong for having your preferences in the opposite sex? As I was talking to some of the women that I consider friends in my life, I asked them this question because I was curious to see what their answers were. The answers that I got were: Face, Arms, feet (sneaker apparel), hands, smile, and swag. My interpretation of these answers goes as the following: Women look at our arms because it gives them a sense of our overall built of our body; Our face because I guess they want us to be cute; I guess if we keep our kicks clean, it means that we stay fresh ; I think women look at our hands because that’s what were gonna use to touch their bodies with before we getting the stroking. I think women look at our smile because it number one lets them see our teeth and number two may make them feel comfortable with us. Lastly but not least, I think they pay attention to our swag because face it; no girl wants a WACK ass nigga. These are just my interpretations of what these answers I was given meant.

So what if your a laid back guy kinda like myself who wears sweats and hoodies and some regular throw around kicks most of the time; that means you already failed some of the criteria. In addition to that, each girl has her own definition of cute so I guess that’s another criteria thrown up in the air i guess...

Now I know you ain’t think I was just gonna let that rock without giving ya’ll the man’s side of what we look at when we see a female, because hey, after all it’s “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”. So when we see a female walking by, the things that us MEN look at include: The ass, face, titties, and feet. Let’s face it, what man doesn’t want a girl that got a fatty or at least some type of cushion back there, it just makes the sex that much more better when you hitting from the back. The titties usually depend on whether he is a breast man or not; but it ain’t nothing wrong with sucking on some titties during foreplay or even just because you may be bored. Another fun thing to do with the titties is to motor boat them, for those who know what that is, for those who don’t it’s when you put your face between the titties and move rapidly from side to side. Don’t worry the face is also important, but it isn’t something mandatory to look at when we fucking. Don’t get me wrong though, the face is essential if you EVER have a chance of being wifey because guys need a girl that they can take out in public and not be embarrassed or take to a lighted place that will have your face seen. So if your crap in the face you may only get the movie dates because its gonna be dark the entire time, think about that one ya’ll. But when a girl has sexy eyes it’s always a turn-on because we can’t help from staring at them. A nice smile is good because you have to have good teeth and if they look like a railroad track, you better hit the road. Lastly, we definitely take a quick peak at your feet because that can definitely turn a man completely off. Listen, if the girl is choosing to wear open toe sandals, PLEASE have your toe-nails done and cute feet; so if you got six toes, ugly feet, or if you ain’t got a pedicure, DON’T wear them because a nigga will clown you for that. Also, if you get all dressed up, don’t wear some busted kicks that look like you was playing soccer and kicking rocks in them because all a nigga gonna tell you to do is to keep kicking those damn rocks…unless you got a fatty because that cures all wounds..LOL..

Saturday, January 10, 2009


WAT IT IZ PEOPLE!!!! This is "REAL MAN'S WORLD", a blogspot brought to you by me, the one and only Mark Bunz and the man known as Danny CuffHer. For articles concerning this blog, we will be going under the names: "SLAYhER" and "CUFFhER" respectably with the "h" being silent. We will be bringing you all the topics that guys talk about, girls complain about, and the the things that start arguments between opposite sexes.

The purpose of this blog is not to put anyone on blast nor us being bitter about things, nor to disrespect women in any way; it's all about KEEPING IT REAL and saying the things that some guys may not want to say and saying the things girls need to hear. Please feel free to add your comments at anytime and include yourself in the conversation. LuTv!!!!