Friday, January 16, 2009

Pump Fake

What makes a girl a jump?? Why are some girls considered a hoe and some are not? We are all grown and in a Real Man’s World, we all know everyone is sexing. Is that special number, your number of partners, the only key to consider if you a jump? This number states a lot about a person but just because it is up there doesn’t mean she a jump, but most cases she is. But this blog entry isn’t directed to the girls with the high ass numbers but the ones with a few notches on their belt. The chick with 3, 5, or 6 partners; shit somewhere around these lines.

My dudes, if a 21 year old girl only told you she had sex with 4 other people, would you a consider her a jump? Probably not. But what if she then told you she had 1 boyfriend since she was a junior in High School that lasted for about 4 years. And after she broke up with him over the past summer. And its now winter (only 3-4 months gone by) and her number has went from 1 to 4. That’s about a dude a month, and you have no idea if she was fucking them around the same time or not. Would you consider her a jump then?

Yea her ass may use the line, I’m just "EXPERIMENTING” and just trying see what I been missing but that doesn’t give her a reason to get took down by dudes like that. But then, you have to figure out who the dudes are. Maybe there not just random men, but her friends from back in the day, who she would have given a chance to if she wasn’t cuffed and staying loyal. Who knows? But at the end of the day she made a leap from 1 to 4 in about 3 months.

This is just a snippet to get your minds thinking about this topic. I will have more scenarios in the future and I want your opinion if she a jump or not.

But from what you’ve read, do you think this girl stayed on her feet, or fell for the pump fake n JUMPED…


  1. Hmmm.... I would have to say she could be considered a jump in most eyes. But who really knows her connection to those other guys? And does her connection even matter since the number jumped so rapidly? Hmmm...definitely got me thinkin'.

  2. you def have to consider the time span in hoe-dom/jumposophy...would i consider her a jump?? eh idk it depends on her person too. Were all not just the numbers of partners, but its about how you approach such a topic.

    A jumpoff is usually the loud, boisterous hoes that talk about sex 24/7 in that crude way. However there are those quiet jumpoffs too lol they usually sneaky, do they dirt in the shadows but people still know.

    But to answer the question: is she considered a jump off only knowing she had 4 partners at age 21? Nah, i know girls younger that are higher. Is she a jump knowing that she had 4 partners and 3 were in 1 month spans of each other? Yessir...


  3. JUMP! sorry the body ratio to time is crazy. But it all depends on the scenario of why she had sex with them. Poor women i feel sorry for yall

  4. It is not the number, but why she is sexing. Guys are jumps too, I know a few.

  5. MM, IDK! i mean its not hard to say but then again lowkey it is ..

    the age does play in affect

    what if you didn't know the time ration of the sexing with the 3 extra guys since her relationship ended.. lets say she just tells you since high school shes only had 4 dudes she's hooked up with.. would she then be a jump. no.

    however, for those who chose to go around and finding out information such as those details of the time ratio this wud be yur answer:

    age: 21
    sexed(ing): 4 dudes
    time frame: high school- (she graduated 18) to 3 yrs later.. relationship ended summer of graduation.. dude1 take down a month after break up dud2 take down 2 months after dude3 3 months after..

    answer:shes a flip..

    yet this question comes to mind: did she hook up with each dude just once in each of those months or was she lettin them run through constantly then when the month ended went to the next: answer: DEF A FLIP NO DOUBT IN MIND.

    this my friend is a good topic!

  6. if you're grown there is no such thing as a number . shit at least not to me. I recycle mine . lol I erased it . my number is 0. and why you counting if you're grown???

    People may have had a past, but that's just what it is. It shouldn't define a person at all . let me go and ask a nigga what his number is, they must not see anything wrong with having their number so high. so our's (women) shouldn't matter to them

  7. Would you consider her a jump then? Definitely.
    come`on . . . brokeup and in 3 - 4 months she has 4 bodies . . . what the fck ? That`s oh - dee. Who cares if they were people she promised, I mean who promising people ' oh yeah , I`m def gonna let you hit this but you qotta wait till me and my boo are finished. ' trife .

    Oh && everyone is sexing, I`m not . [:


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