Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friend with Benefits: Defined as when you don’t want a serious relationship but you want him/her as your toy to fuck around with.  It also can be when she/him are already in a relationship but you like that person so he/she agrees to be your friend with benefit.

Now the idea of a friend with benefit or a fuck buddy sounds great but how often do they really last or how often do people actually follow the rules of only being friends with benefits and nothing else.  How often does the two people involved keep the relationship at strictly fucking and not catch feeling (USUALLY THE

 So Imma set up some rules for ya’ll so you won’t get the game all fucked up


1)    Make sure ya’ll are clear about what ya’ll want.  So I’m going help you explain it to them, keep it real, & not sugar-coat it (b/c this is a “REAL MAN’S WORLD); simply say to the other person: “WE ARE JUST FUCKING, NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS, WE ARE NOT DATING.”  That’s by far the best way of saying it, lol, but you can put it in your own words, but don’t bullshit.

2)    Both of ya’ll are trying get some quality fucking in, so make sure the person that you choose sex game/head is OFFICIAL, you don’t want the sex/head to be crap b/c then it’s a wack ass booty call & a waste of your time.

3)    Keep the conversations to a minimal, b/c TOO MUCH TALKING = NOT ENOUGH FUCKING & that’s a major problem, lol, if you wanna hold long conversations, go find a boyfriend.  Sounds fucked up but it’s true. (Refer back to rule # 1 if they just happened to forget)

4)    Don’t assume just b/c ya’ll are doing this friends with benefits thing for a long time that it means that there is relationship progression, b/c IT’S NOT!!!! I’m trynna get mine off and you trynna get yours off, CASE CLOSED!!!

5)    If you feel as though the person is starting to catch feeling for you, this is what you do: say “PUMP YOUR BRAKES,” IT’S NOT THAT KIND A PARTY” and you may even have to refer them to rule # 1 AGAIN. (Some people just don’t pay attention, haha)

6)    This is the hardest rule to follow, but is very essential.  Now ya’ll are mutual fuck buddies so whenever either one of ya’ll need a fixing, both of you must be available to please the needs of your partner.  So when they call, make arrangements to meet up & get it on.  Very often, the girl is the one who runs this process & it’s only fucking when SHE WANTS TO or FEELS LIKE IT; so please keep us men in mind & understand we got our needs too. 

----I think those rules are pretty straightforward right, please let me know if not & if

      You have any suggestions for rules that should be added, please let me know----

Over & out, signing off..LUTV!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TRUTH hurts

In a relationship, do you really want your significant other to be completely honest with you?  Do you really want to know EVERYTHING that they did in their past and do you REALLY want to know what they’re doing in their free time when they’re not with you?  In all honesty, “PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” and indeed the “TRUTH HURTS”.  

Of course no one wants their significant other to be cheating on them, sneaking around or doing things that you don’t approve of.  In addition to that, you don’t want them to be a slut, hoe, or jump-off in their past before they met you.  So I pose the question to you; do you want them to inform you about everything they did and/or everything they’re doing now.  It is sometimes better not to know because you won’t get hurt.  Some things are better left unknown and never spoke of.

 If your significant other had a lot of sexual partners before you met them, do you want to know their real number?  I’m speaking in the situation that ya’ll really like each other by this point and you are the ONLY person they have had sex with since ya’ll been talking.  If your boyfriend told you he had 20+ bodies in his past, will you hold that against him or look at him differently even though he has been the perfect man to you since ya’ll been together.  Would you rather have him tell you the truth or lie and make up a lower number?  On the other side of things, if your girlfriend was considered a hoe by society’s terms but she has HONESTLY change her ways, do you want her to tell you “I was kind of a hoe when I was younger, but I’m not like that now though” or do you want to hear the bullshit lie, “I only had sex with a couple of guys and they were all my boyfriends”. A quick question for ya’ll, DO YOU LIE ABOUT YOUR NUMBERS WHEN ASKED???

 The other situation usually goes as following: Your significant other is doing their dirt while ya’ll together, but you have absolutely no idea or suspicions.  So you ask them what they did today, would you honestly want them to say:  Went to class, work, & then fucked some bitch..LOL, I know this is an extreme and exaggerated but what I am trying to say is that if your in the dark about things and are clueless about what’s going on; would you want him/her to tell you and have you be hurt or do you not want to know and still be happy.  Or how about a lighter situation, if a girl walks by and you ask your man if she looks good or would you fuck her if we weren’t together; do you want him to say the truth and say “yea she’s bad and I would definitely hit” or do you want to hear the lie (bullshit) “Naw, she not even that cute”.  Lies are usually told to females to AVOID ARGUMENTS & MAKE YA’LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF”.  It may be fucked up, but its true and you know “IT’S A REAL MAN’S WORLD” and I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll.

 So the theory “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WON’T HURT YOU” may in fact be true…OVER & OUT..LUtV…

Friday, February 6, 2009

YOU don't KNOW my NAME!!!

What do you do when your significant other or even your EX calls you the wrong name?  Do you have the right to be mad in either situations or just when the person is a significant other?


This can lead to many problems in your relationship with the other person; because just think about it, who wants to ever be called another person’s name especially if it’s someone you are messing with or use to mess with.  I’m not gonna lie, I would be very mad if I was in either of these situations.




  • Lets just imagine that your chilling with your shawty, your boo, your special friend, or your girlfriend/boyfriend and in the midst of ya’ll just chilling and talking, they call you another person’s name.  So now you thinking, “ I KNOW THIS BITCH/NIGGA DID NOT JUST CALL ME SOMEBODY ELSE’S NAME”.  So now you gotta G-CHECK them and ask them what did they just said.  Now you got some people who will say I’m sorry I called you the wrong name and you got other people who will play the dummy role and act like they ain’t say it.  Ya’ll know I always keep it official with ya’ll because it’s “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”.  So I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll, I’m the kind of nigga that’s gonna get mad and flip out because you with me and you calling me some other nigga’s name.  So I’m thinking to myself  “so clearly he’s the person that’s on your mind and the person your  thinking about while your suppose to be with me”.  So in this first scenario, I would definitely flip out and have to find out why they are calling me someone else’s name when we suppose to be together.  As a side note:  I would definitely start an argument so we could have amazing make-up sex afterwards.( LOL, ya’ll know I HAD to add that in there)



  • Now this is a little different because now you are chilling with an EX and while you two are having a conversation, they call you someone else’s name.  It could possibly be the name of the new person they are in a relationship with or just the person they have been recently talking to since ya’ll broke up.  So does the EX have a right to be mad even though they were in the past?  The right; I don’t know, but just about all of us will be mad because no one ever wants to be called someone else’s name.  Especially by someone they use to call theirs and had feelings for because at the end of the day, it COULD show that they have slightly got over you and have moved on to somebody new. 


Each and every individual shows emotions and reacts to situations in different ways, but in both of these situations I talked about:  I would defeinitely be mad or feel some type of way about calling me the wrong name.  SIGNING OUT…LuTv….