Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TRUTH hurts

In a relationship, do you really want your significant other to be completely honest with you?  Do you really want to know EVERYTHING that they did in their past and do you REALLY want to know what they’re doing in their free time when they’re not with you?  In all honesty, “PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” and indeed the “TRUTH HURTS”.  

Of course no one wants their significant other to be cheating on them, sneaking around or doing things that you don’t approve of.  In addition to that, you don’t want them to be a slut, hoe, or jump-off in their past before they met you.  So I pose the question to you; do you want them to inform you about everything they did and/or everything they’re doing now.  It is sometimes better not to know because you won’t get hurt.  Some things are better left unknown and never spoke of.

 If your significant other had a lot of sexual partners before you met them, do you want to know their real number?  I’m speaking in the situation that ya’ll really like each other by this point and you are the ONLY person they have had sex with since ya’ll been talking.  If your boyfriend told you he had 20+ bodies in his past, will you hold that against him or look at him differently even though he has been the perfect man to you since ya’ll been together.  Would you rather have him tell you the truth or lie and make up a lower number?  On the other side of things, if your girlfriend was considered a hoe by society’s terms but she has HONESTLY change her ways, do you want her to tell you “I was kind of a hoe when I was younger, but I’m not like that now though” or do you want to hear the bullshit lie, “I only had sex with a couple of guys and they were all my boyfriends”. A quick question for ya’ll, DO YOU LIE ABOUT YOUR NUMBERS WHEN ASKED???

 The other situation usually goes as following: Your significant other is doing their dirt while ya’ll together, but you have absolutely no idea or suspicions.  So you ask them what they did today, would you honestly want them to say:  Went to class, work, & then fucked some bitch..LOL, I know this is an extreme and exaggerated but what I am trying to say is that if your in the dark about things and are clueless about what’s going on; would you want him/her to tell you and have you be hurt or do you not want to know and still be happy.  Or how about a lighter situation, if a girl walks by and you ask your man if she looks good or would you fuck her if we weren’t together; do you want him to say the truth and say “yea she’s bad and I would definitely hit” or do you want to hear the lie (bullshit) “Naw, she not even that cute”.  Lies are usually told to females to AVOID ARGUMENTS & MAKE YA’LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF”.  It may be fucked up, but its true and you know “IT’S A REAL MAN’S WORLD” and I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll.

 So the theory “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WON’T HURT YOU” may in fact be true…OVER & OUT..LUtV…


  1. Damn might be one of realest writers on this blog shit. you inspire to keep up.

  2. somethings are indeed better left unsaid or spoken of. what my boyfriend/girlfriend does in his/her past is their business. not mines,the past is the past im only worried about right now..

  3. omg , see I wouldn`t want him to tell me about his past, I`m not that nosy . I don`t really ask about the past because I`m not looking back there . . . but I do want honesty && if he did say " Went to class, work, & then fucked some bitch. " Then byebye , like of course I`m going to be hurt but why can`t people be loyal ? Where the hell did loyalty go ? An argument wouldn`t even errupt . . . it would be a simple " Oh, are you serious ? " then he`d answer honestly . . ' yes ' and I`d say okay well then you don`t need me . smh , what the fck . Oh and about the whole checkin' out another qirl question , would you fck her ? Ugh that's so stupid to even ask because females check guys out too && to get mad about that sht is just stress for no reason. Eyes wander no matter what . . and you asked if ya`ll wasn't together ...

  4. this is funny . truth is... why the hell is everyone so damn emotional and jealous? Like if it was my past, you can't get mad over something that happened before you. &&& Why would you even ask a nigga if he would fuck a girl?? If a girl asks that question then she is either
    a) Looking for a fight (way out of the relationship)
    b) Hella stupid

    & 9 times out of 10 she is going to be hella stupid. lol

    this was a funny post tho ;)


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