Friday, February 6, 2009

YOU don't KNOW my NAME!!!

What do you do when your significant other or even your EX calls you the wrong name?  Do you have the right to be mad in either situations or just when the person is a significant other?


This can lead to many problems in your relationship with the other person; because just think about it, who wants to ever be called another person’s name especially if it’s someone you are messing with or use to mess with.  I’m not gonna lie, I would be very mad if I was in either of these situations.




  • Lets just imagine that your chilling with your shawty, your boo, your special friend, or your girlfriend/boyfriend and in the midst of ya’ll just chilling and talking, they call you another person’s name.  So now you thinking, “ I KNOW THIS BITCH/NIGGA DID NOT JUST CALL ME SOMEBODY ELSE’S NAME”.  So now you gotta G-CHECK them and ask them what did they just said.  Now you got some people who will say I’m sorry I called you the wrong name and you got other people who will play the dummy role and act like they ain’t say it.  Ya’ll know I always keep it official with ya’ll because it’s “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”.  So I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll, I’m the kind of nigga that’s gonna get mad and flip out because you with me and you calling me some other nigga’s name.  So I’m thinking to myself  “so clearly he’s the person that’s on your mind and the person your  thinking about while your suppose to be with me”.  So in this first scenario, I would definitely flip out and have to find out why they are calling me someone else’s name when we suppose to be together.  As a side note:  I would definitely start an argument so we could have amazing make-up sex afterwards.( LOL, ya’ll know I HAD to add that in there)



  • Now this is a little different because now you are chilling with an EX and while you two are having a conversation, they call you someone else’s name.  It could possibly be the name of the new person they are in a relationship with or just the person they have been recently talking to since ya’ll broke up.  So does the EX have a right to be mad even though they were in the past?  The right; I don’t know, but just about all of us will be mad because no one ever wants to be called someone else’s name.  Especially by someone they use to call theirs and had feelings for because at the end of the day, it COULD show that they have slightly got over you and have moved on to somebody new. 


Each and every individual shows emotions and reacts to situations in different ways, but in both of these situations I talked about:  I would defeinitely be mad or feel some type of way about calling me the wrong name.  SIGNING OUT…LuTv….


  1. I think I would be mad either way. Like you said, in the second scenario, nobody wants to be called another persons name. So, I think I would be mad either way.

  2. Dag "Slayher" I feel you with this one I hope this doent happen to me. But true story you have the gift man. NO HOMO because you be twisting my words up....over and out..LUTV

  3. it makes for a bad situation either way , I like to come up with nick names just so I make sure to steer clear of embarrassment. lol cuz a different name be on the tip of my tongue always. lol and it isn't because I mess around, but because I was so used to saying it... it's hard. so find nick names everyone ! lol

  4. Mhmm, if he`s a sigfig I`m getting upset and skeptical. He`ll probably be like ' Nah, I was just looking at her page or some sht . . ' and I`ll still buck like ' Omg, whatever... dmn son you aren`t even focus on me. ' But I think I`ll laugh it off and say ' whatever ' in a playful way but inside I`ll be pissed. Now an Ex ? Sht your right I`mma be mad there too, I don`t care if he's into someone else, sht we're the chillin' right now. But it matters more with the sigfig for me.

  5. eek.. sticky situation .. but yea i guess in either situation the person has the right to be mad..


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