Friday, January 23, 2009

Take YOU out on a DATE

After you meet a girl you like, of course the most appropriate thing to do next is to take her out on a date.  You must however be very careful and cautious about where you take this girl and how you treat her on a date.  You know I’m going keep it real; ultimately, all us men would LOVE to hit on the first date.  In fact, if we do hit on the first date it doesn’t necessarily mean we will think of you as a slut or a jump-off.  It could just mean that we wined and dined you and showed you a good enough time that you feel as though we were worth giving it up to on the first night.  Now, on the flip-side; if you have the tendency to ALWAYS give it up on the first date, then you may just be considered a jump-off.

 So now we must think about what is both a good and appropriate FIRST date to take a girl out on.  Do you take the traditional dinner and a movie route; or do you take her out bowling or even maybe to a skating rink.  See the problem is now that some girls don’t want to be taken to just any restaurant; they want to go to higher scale restaurant because Applebee’s, Fridays, and red lobsters are just seen as regular ass spots nowadays.  So now niggas gotta spend some more cash to take women out to more expensive spots just because they don’t want to be seen as a cheap ass nigga.  So now you take her to a spot like, lets say the Cheesecake Factory and then to the movies.  So we gonna do some math now: $70-$80+ for the meal (main course, some drinks, tip & a dessert of course), $30+ for gas, and $30+ for the movies.  So a nigga just spent about $140 + for this first date and it’s a possibility that you don’t hit, she might be wack, or she may not even feel you and you have now OFFICIALLY took a loss for the night…SMH..And spent all that money for now reason.LOL..I guess you win some and lose some right.


What if you’re the type that doesn’t like going out and likes to just relax and stay in the crib.  So you ask her to come to your crib and CHILL with you and watch movies and just have a laid back date.  So now the first thing that goes through her mind is that “OH NO, this nigga must think he gonna get me over his crib and fuck on the first night”.  Don’t get me a wrong, this is most definitely running through a niggas’s mind, if we have a chance to fuck we most definitely will, but it won’t be a forced issue.


Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the whole dating world, I ain’t no CHEAP ass nigga, but at the same time I ain’t no DUMB ass nigga neither.  I know how to wine dine and impress without going broke.  No girl is gonna be tricking on me; but ladies do remember, “IT AIN’T TRICKING IF YOU GOT IT”, so if you can get a nigga to spend all types of money on you on a date; more power to you; just know it won’t be this


So just let me know what you think is both a good and PRODUCTIVE first date


  1. lets see....hmm a good and productive date.

    First of all, people don't even go on dates like that anymore and to be honest with you, of course a female wants to say "yea girl he took me to the palace" or whatever fancy dining spot there is and no female wants to say "he took me to the chicken spot" lol so as for appropriate, i have some tricks of the trade as well (just me personally)

    First things first: Depending on how much you know this fool/hoe, if possible, drive yourself. this is a first date and there are some crazy people out there, thus, meet up somewhere just in case you need to dip due to a horrendous time, emergency, or at your leisure. This, thank God, cancels out the "lets chill at my house" <-- no thanks. Not because of the whole we-could-bone situation, but because you don't just invite anyone to your house, and just because you invite me to yours, does not mean you're coming to mine.

    Of course a good, quality date would be at the cheesecake factory, were in a recession (okay obamas in office but that doesnt change anything) also, cheesecake factory is for quality hoes, what if this chick is just not what you expected? therefore, CCFac isnt expected for first date, and neither is the movies (how do you get to know someone in the dark?? -- dont answer that)

    I'ma go with some healthy competition like bowling, go-kart racing or my personal fav, pool for the first date, it sparks conversation, you can grab something to eat after if you feel like it, spending money is at your discretion, its fun, length of the date can be short or last, and you can hit friday's after for some appetizers. "you knew what this was when i asked you out" lol simple, good and productive date. call me crazy but i like things this way, a little variety (we dont always have to go out to eat) THEN we can go to the cheesecake factory next time...then assuming were more comfortable, i'ma give you a reason to grab me up (GENTLY) so lets go play laser tag or basketball lol "oops i lost..." *falls in his arms*

  2. Pretty good Logic BUNZ. this is 09 my friend and regardless of our situations at task its always LUTV.

  3. aha shoot im perfectly fine with chili's applebees things along that nature. but ofcourse some olive garden would be bomb,but if its the first date i dont expect him to splurge just too much =] but very good!!

  4. i agree with .domo. however i never was the one to settle for less..

    but i guess it depends in all of what type of person you are.

    i say first impression is always the one remembered, however, make sure yur being yurself. and to some, if that's going to a lowkey joint and rather waiting til later to see if this person is even worth yur time & (im sure hard earned) money, then do so.

  5. idk if the ppl who write for this blog read the comments.. but i had a question .. and i blogged about it on my blog..

    i was wondering.. if yur hanging out with an ex and yu completely have no feelings for him and it should be understood by him that the two of yu are just friends.. and yu just so happen to call him another ex's name (& yes he does know who the person is) are yu in the wrong?

    i mean the situation is: ex1 and ex2 both are trying to force feelings that arent there yet they understand theres been a move on in life, so when yu make a slip up as such and call out another name are yu in the wrong & is the person in the right for being mad even when theres an understanding that the title stands as friends and friends only?

  6. Smh, Applebee's Friday's && Red Lobster are regular, but I wouldn`t mind that sht because where I`m from jumps qet to go to mickeyz, wendyz , && burgerking . lmfaoo, plus I like to know what I`m gettin' . . unless he ask me where I would like to go.

    “OH NO, this nigga must think he gonna get me over his crib and fuck on the first night”. so fcking true ! lmfaoo , oh dmn . lmfaoo , dmn.

    Hmm first date ? Dmn I don`t know but I hate that typical sht. . movies and dinner I do that sht with my girls && mum so no thnks buddy. && honestly I don`t like dudes paying all the way I mean I`ll handle gas or something because if he`s going to invest shouldn't I ? I see dating a two - way street. Therefore his fckinq ass won`t be expecting to hit something he won`t be hitting . Bowling is fun, Laser tag, skating rink, ice skating, Walking around to get some ice cream is cool too. Bascially something clever nothing lame as a fckin' movie and dinner unless its at his crib and his cooking and rented some good as movies. I mean I'm always skeptical about going to a dudes house, I never go but I can always get out of there . . .

  7. To be honest with you, it really depends on the female that you talk to. Because I'm the type of female that doesn't care about all those places. Now I'm not going to lie, I can get my gold-digger mode on. But if a dude is trying to show me him and how he is, his "swag" should make up for whatever he trying to treat me to. Real talk.


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