Sunday, January 11, 2009


What are the first two things you look at when you see the opposite sex? Why do you look at that those specific features and what does it mean to you? Are you shallow or wrong for having your preferences in the opposite sex? As I was talking to some of the women that I consider friends in my life, I asked them this question because I was curious to see what their answers were. The answers that I got were: Face, Arms, feet (sneaker apparel), hands, smile, and swag. My interpretation of these answers goes as the following: Women look at our arms because it gives them a sense of our overall built of our body; Our face because I guess they want us to be cute; I guess if we keep our kicks clean, it means that we stay fresh ; I think women look at our hands because that’s what were gonna use to touch their bodies with before we getting the stroking. I think women look at our smile because it number one lets them see our teeth and number two may make them feel comfortable with us. Lastly but not least, I think they pay attention to our swag because face it; no girl wants a WACK ass nigga. These are just my interpretations of what these answers I was given meant.

So what if your a laid back guy kinda like myself who wears sweats and hoodies and some regular throw around kicks most of the time; that means you already failed some of the criteria. In addition to that, each girl has her own definition of cute so I guess that’s another criteria thrown up in the air i guess...

Now I know you ain’t think I was just gonna let that rock without giving ya’ll the man’s side of what we look at when we see a female, because hey, after all it’s “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”. So when we see a female walking by, the things that us MEN look at include: The ass, face, titties, and feet. Let’s face it, what man doesn’t want a girl that got a fatty or at least some type of cushion back there, it just makes the sex that much more better when you hitting from the back. The titties usually depend on whether he is a breast man or not; but it ain’t nothing wrong with sucking on some titties during foreplay or even just because you may be bored. Another fun thing to do with the titties is to motor boat them, for those who know what that is, for those who don’t it’s when you put your face between the titties and move rapidly from side to side. Don’t worry the face is also important, but it isn’t something mandatory to look at when we fucking. Don’t get me wrong though, the face is essential if you EVER have a chance of being wifey because guys need a girl that they can take out in public and not be embarrassed or take to a lighted place that will have your face seen. So if your crap in the face you may only get the movie dates because its gonna be dark the entire time, think about that one ya’ll. But when a girl has sexy eyes it’s always a turn-on because we can’t help from staring at them. A nice smile is good because you have to have good teeth and if they look like a railroad track, you better hit the road. Lastly, we definitely take a quick peak at your feet because that can definitely turn a man completely off. Listen, if the girl is choosing to wear open toe sandals, PLEASE have your toe-nails done and cute feet; so if you got six toes, ugly feet, or if you ain’t got a pedicure, DON’T wear them because a nigga will clown you for that. Also, if you get all dressed up, don’t wear some busted kicks that look like you was playing soccer and kicking rocks in them because all a nigga gonna tell you to do is to keep kicking those damn rocks…unless you got a fatty because that cures all wounds..LOL..


  1. Complete Comedy. I kew yall dudes were gonna be funny. Ladies please dont be sensitive its all jokes with a twist of reality. I love it tho.

  2. chill...girls that get sensitive probably just can't handle it. lol wow (i'm different). I'm glad i could lend a helping hand in this one bunz. you texted me the question and dipped right after lol. But ofcourse, sexy and cute come in all different shapes and sizes. purely discussing the physical, it depends on the guy but for yea, a general answer for me personally would be jawline and arms.

    Now, lets just say its cold as frick outside and this man has on 4 hoodies and a snorkle as well as a face-mask. Um, i guess then first sight wouldn't count for as much. lol so the situation is very conditional.

    Me, you and josh all spoke about first impressions before, i've accepted bunz answer (nasty). But it was honest and appreciated. Every girl should know her strong point (physically) because its important to improve it, maintain it, and accentuate it when appropriate. So you can tell a lot about a guy/girl upon first impression, more than people think. Which brings about the idea of when people get together hella fast and then break up because they claim they didn't know each other too well. WRONG!!

    In most occasions (most) you do know that person based on their first impression and actions there after. going to the store? maybe this hoe can cook. get together quick? that tells you that yall are both impulsive, and so on. smiles alot? maybe he or she is nervous...who knows. i know this is a book but its a good topic. looking forward to blogging more in the man's world

    but its always gonna be SCANALOUS if i'm following

  3. haha this was subtly funny juju !

    hey so... uh I don't really have a fatty or any breast... so do I fail your criteria Daniel??

  4. LMAO!
    this was an entertaining entry. i've around my male friends too much to know that it's always, TnA and face. ALWAYS.

    funny, i do look at how attractive i find someone. then its their build..their clothes.. then arms.. yea. whatev. depends on the dude and if i'm not caught up in his eyes or something lol.

  5. purely entertaining ..

    can't wait to read more..

    and yeah, i guess i would say i look at all you've listed when seeing if a guy is attractive or not.. i never really looked at the break down of it though.. seemed to come natural when "looking" ..

  6. I have to say I came to this blog and thought about leavin' because it just looked a little too lengthy and I didn't feel like readin' that much!

    But I have to say I'm glad I stayed and read the WHOLE thing because I got a good laugh in and everything was pretty true. Gotta have a nice smile, nice eyes, clean kicks, nice lips lol. Just gotta have it!

  7. What are the first two things you look at when you see the opposite sex? [ I just asked my best friend this the other day ] #1. Eye contact, how strong or weak it is. I love eyes, I`m not talking about the color of them yeah that`s nice too but scary in a sense. I love when a guy can hold eye contact with me it let`s me see how bold, confident, flirtious, && powerful he is. Now #2. I'm not even sure, I think I`m going to think . . . Uhm Okay how comfortable he is in his surroundings, I don`t want to call it swag because that would is so overrated but Its his stability in his surroundings. I have these perferences because I believe you should have something to look out for, its not like I would initally shut someone down because they don`t hold those qualities. Therefore I don`t believe I`m shallow. Hmm I see why people would look at hands, I mean I do now but that's the like the 3 thing ... most guys that try to talk to me have dirty nails, ugh. Just like poetic justice [ I had this petpeeve before I seen the movie ] that`s nasty and unattractive. I know girls that look at feet, for that myth or . . belief and to see if he's fresh. Hmm I actually like sweats on a guy but not every dmn day of their life. And not raggedy sweats to come outside in, I like sweatsuits, nice suede suits .

    Oh sht I am cracking up .
    omg , lmfaoo ohahahahahaaha
    you are so effing funny . oh sht

  8. Yo "Whatcha Name is". You are RIGHT on the money. I agree with ya.

  9. lmfaO. dudes are so picky when it comes to the type of female they want . thats why its usually a up to par female with a semi decent boy on her arm. lmaO.


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