Monday, June 21, 2010

I'Ve BeEn GoNe FoR a MiNuTe

As the title suggests, I have indeed been away from the blogging world for a minute; let me stop lying, it's been over a year. I've been busy with school + work, let me stop lying it's been more of a combination of bullshitting + laziness. You know what though, it's over for that, I'm back on track and I will be once again bringing y'all the best in controversial but insightful topics that have everything to do with men, women, and relationships. Roger that, LUTV!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CLuBBin' wIt YoUr gIrL

A highly debatable topic that comes up in many relationships is whether you and your significant other can go out and party together.  Don’t get me wrong it’s alright if every once in a while ya’ll go out together to a small gathering, BBQ, or some other type of small social event.  Let’s get serious though, do you really want to go to a house party or a club with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  I know I been gone a while but ain’t shit change; I’m still going to give you the complete truth because this is “A REAL MAN’S WORLD”.  A nigga DOES NOT want to go to the club with his girl because he wants be with his niggas, have a good time (girlfriend free that is; lol), and most importantly avoid an argument that can arise from being in the club with your girl.

 Honestly, at the end of the day there are only two things that can come out of going to the club with your girlfriend.  The first situation is that she tries to CUFF YOU ALL NIGHT and you can’t even enjoy yourself because she rights next to you and at the end of the day you end up paying $20 to dance with your girl all night or have her all up under you; something you could of done for free back at the crib.  The other situation is that she tells you to go have fun with your boys and that she doesn’t care if you dance with other girls because she with her girls also.  We all know this is the ultimate set-up because once your ass starts dancing with another girl, her eyes are going to be dead locked in on you and you know your going to hear about it later.  Some of us even have a crazy chick that will break up the dancing or try to get you back by dancing with another nigga and ODing while she is dancing with him.  Then you have to worry about her friends making the situation worst by hyping it and we all know how a girl’s friend can;”Look at your man dancing with her, I think they both enjoying it way too much”.

In conclusion, I think the whole going to the club/party with your girlfriend can be a very risky move.  There’s need to be A LOT of security and comfort in the relationship, a mutual understanding of what each person can do, and friends that are not haters and won’t put the battery in someone’s back to get mad.  Unfortunately, most times no relationship can satisfy all those needs; so at least you know you are in for an exciting night, lol; let me know what you think about this situation though..

Signing off & flying out…LuTV!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

HoLdInG ThE DooR oPeN


We were always taught that chivalry was the reason why men held the door open for women as they walked by, but I have discovered the REAL REASON.  The REAL reason is actually a simple one, which is prevalent now and even was back in time when men first started holding doors open.  We hold the door open so...WE CAN SEE IF THE WOMEN HAS A FATTY OR  Think about it: we take a step back, open the door, and then look straight at the ass.  We just trying to see what the woman is working with and then we will say either:  DAMN..that ass FAT or DAMN..that ass

Friday, April 10, 2009


All men are attracted to different features on a woman.  Some guys like fat asses, some like big titties, some like sexy lips or pretty eyes, but today we are focusing on “THE BIG GIRLS”.  You have some people who “LOVE” big girls and even prefer them over any type of woman, then you have some who won’t even look their way, and then you just got the niggas who see pussy as pussy and don’t care if they big or not. (Excuse my language, but you know I’m only keeping it real)


Now come on people, I know ya’ll have all heard the phrase, “Big Girls Need Love too” and trust me I hear this all the time because my nigga Jay is constantly saying it because he loves big girls.  What’s not to love about big girls; so guys say they are instant heat in the winter and constant shade in the summer, and you know they can throw down in the kitchen and keep you full.   Not to forget it is more cushion’ for the pushin’ and I got a general consensus from many of my niggas that big girls have some of the best “goodies” that they ever had. Now some may take this as a joke, but many guys really feel this way and love big girls for the reasons I listed.

Now to be on some real shit, there is a difference between being a big girl and a fat girl.  Big girls are merely just a little bigger than the average woman, BUT thick in all the right places, which is always a good thing.  Trust me guys appreciate girls who are thick in the right places and have a good body.  Honestly, if your body is portioned with your weight then your good money.  I’m not one to judge because I don’t discriminate when it comes to women, because I think ALL WOMEN are beautiful.

For a closing touch to this article, I hope nobody took offense to anything said and I am very interested in knowing how ya’ll feel about this topic.  Just remember there isn’t anything wrong with being “Big” because you are still beautiful and even are some guys’ preference…SIGNING OUT…LUtv!!!  

Friday, April 3, 2009


I’m sorry to all ya’ll, I know I been slacking on my shit.  I ain’t been on my P&Qs, Ys&Zs.  But I’m BACK like COOKED CRACK!!! New material coming real soon.  Signing Out for now, but don’t go no where..LUTV

Friday, March 6, 2009

PhOnE tAlK

Talking on the phone is one of the best ways to get to know someone better; but the question is:  Do you REALLY want to be on the phone 5-6 hours a night? Or do guys only do it because that’s what the girl wants to do?  How important is a phone conversation?

Of course, you want to be able to hold a conversation with the person that your talking to; but DAMN, sometimes a nigga don’t feel like talking or is not in the mood, but to satisfy the girl we will most definitely talk to her.  The problem is that some girls really know how to run their mouth and keep talking and talking and the crazy thing is “sometimes” not all the times, a nigga really doesn’t care.  There are a few questions that are guaranteed to be asked, like: “ How was your day”, “How was work/class”, or “What’s bothering if it seems like your not being yourself”.  Don’t get me wrong, we do care, but sometimes we don’t want the whole entire, drawn out version, but asking is the right thing to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk on the phone to a girl I’m interested in and I have been subject to the late night talks till 4 or 5 in the morning, but damn a nigga don’t want to do it every night because it can get hold very quick.  As you know (I ALWAYS KEEP IT REAL), but a part of the game is not to be the first one to get sleepy; lol; so a nigga is always gonna be like “naw, I ain’t sleepy, I’m good.”  Knowing damn well a nigga is ready to knock out, but we gonna front anyways, lol.

I think the whole talking on the phone situation is indeed essential to how far your relationship with the person can/will go.  Face it; we all need someone that can hold both a good conversation and an intelligent conversation.  If the person is boring to talk to, you might not really be able to relate to them all that well, so finding that counterpart who you can talk to is very important.   I know that we all have gone through this, but it’s NOTHING WORST than that “AWKWARD or DEAD SILENCE” on the phone, lol.  You know what I’m talking about, when neither person is talking and your just thinking in your head, DAMNIT, this conversation is CRAP.  You thinking to yourself, they ain’t got nothing else to say, this AWKARD/DEAD SILENCE needs to be broken immediately because if it last for more than 5 seconds, most likely ya’ll are going to hang up.

So let me know how important PhOnE TaLk is to you when getting to know someone you ate interested in.

UP…UP..and AWAY…signing up…LuTv…


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friend with Benefits: Defined as when you don’t want a serious relationship but you want him/her as your toy to fuck around with.  It also can be when she/him are already in a relationship but you like that person so he/she agrees to be your friend with benefit.

Now the idea of a friend with benefit or a fuck buddy sounds great but how often do they really last or how often do people actually follow the rules of only being friends with benefits and nothing else.  How often does the two people involved keep the relationship at strictly fucking and not catch feeling (USUALLY THE

 So Imma set up some rules for ya’ll so you won’t get the game all fucked up


1)    Make sure ya’ll are clear about what ya’ll want.  So I’m going help you explain it to them, keep it real, & not sugar-coat it (b/c this is a “REAL MAN’S WORLD); simply say to the other person: “WE ARE JUST FUCKING, NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS, WE ARE NOT DATING.”  That’s by far the best way of saying it, lol, but you can put it in your own words, but don’t bullshit.

2)    Both of ya’ll are trying get some quality fucking in, so make sure the person that you choose sex game/head is OFFICIAL, you don’t want the sex/head to be crap b/c then it’s a wack ass booty call & a waste of your time.

3)    Keep the conversations to a minimal, b/c TOO MUCH TALKING = NOT ENOUGH FUCKING & that’s a major problem, lol, if you wanna hold long conversations, go find a boyfriend.  Sounds fucked up but it’s true. (Refer back to rule # 1 if they just happened to forget)

4)    Don’t assume just b/c ya’ll are doing this friends with benefits thing for a long time that it means that there is relationship progression, b/c IT’S NOT!!!! I’m trynna get mine off and you trynna get yours off, CASE CLOSED!!!

5)    If you feel as though the person is starting to catch feeling for you, this is what you do: say “PUMP YOUR BRAKES,” IT’S NOT THAT KIND A PARTY” and you may even have to refer them to rule # 1 AGAIN. (Some people just don’t pay attention, haha)

6)    This is the hardest rule to follow, but is very essential.  Now ya’ll are mutual fuck buddies so whenever either one of ya’ll need a fixing, both of you must be available to please the needs of your partner.  So when they call, make arrangements to meet up & get it on.  Very often, the girl is the one who runs this process & it’s only fucking when SHE WANTS TO or FEELS LIKE IT; so please keep us men in mind & understand we got our needs too. 

----I think those rules are pretty straightforward right, please let me know if not & if

      You have any suggestions for rules that should be added, please let me know----

Over & out, signing off..LUTV!!!!