Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friend with Benefits: Defined as when you don’t want a serious relationship but you want him/her as your toy to fuck around with.  It also can be when she/him are already in a relationship but you like that person so he/she agrees to be your friend with benefit.

Now the idea of a friend with benefit or a fuck buddy sounds great but how often do they really last or how often do people actually follow the rules of only being friends with benefits and nothing else.  How often does the two people involved keep the relationship at strictly fucking and not catch feeling (USUALLY THE

 So Imma set up some rules for ya’ll so you won’t get the game all fucked up


1)    Make sure ya’ll are clear about what ya’ll want.  So I’m going help you explain it to them, keep it real, & not sugar-coat it (b/c this is a “REAL MAN’S WORLD); simply say to the other person: “WE ARE JUST FUCKING, NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS, WE ARE NOT DATING.”  That’s by far the best way of saying it, lol, but you can put it in your own words, but don’t bullshit.

2)    Both of ya’ll are trying get some quality fucking in, so make sure the person that you choose sex game/head is OFFICIAL, you don’t want the sex/head to be crap b/c then it’s a wack ass booty call & a waste of your time.

3)    Keep the conversations to a minimal, b/c TOO MUCH TALKING = NOT ENOUGH FUCKING & that’s a major problem, lol, if you wanna hold long conversations, go find a boyfriend.  Sounds fucked up but it’s true. (Refer back to rule # 1 if they just happened to forget)

4)    Don’t assume just b/c ya’ll are doing this friends with benefits thing for a long time that it means that there is relationship progression, b/c IT’S NOT!!!! I’m trynna get mine off and you trynna get yours off, CASE CLOSED!!!

5)    If you feel as though the person is starting to catch feeling for you, this is what you do: say “PUMP YOUR BRAKES,” IT’S NOT THAT KIND A PARTY” and you may even have to refer them to rule # 1 AGAIN. (Some people just don’t pay attention, haha)

6)    This is the hardest rule to follow, but is very essential.  Now ya’ll are mutual fuck buddies so whenever either one of ya’ll need a fixing, both of you must be available to please the needs of your partner.  So when they call, make arrangements to meet up & get it on.  Very often, the girl is the one who runs this process & it’s only fucking when SHE WANTS TO or FEELS LIKE IT; so please keep us men in mind & understand we got our needs too. 

----I think those rules are pretty straightforward right, please let me know if not & if

      You have any suggestions for rules that should be added, please let me know----

Over & out, signing off..LUTV!!!!


  1. You're a fool for this one my dude.

  2. omg..thats some real shit! lol..i agree..that shit was very funny..if only all men were as real!

  3. yea. IF they were as real lol ..

    this was funny though .. good post!

  4. Wow. Wow. See, that's why I'm on this blog. Now I want you to ask a question and give me some insight on this question.

    So, do dudes like a plus size woman? Or do they just like women like (Kim Kardashian, JLO,Beyonce)..

    Do men like the body types of (Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Tocarra, and Queen Latifah)

    is it the face, personality, combo?

    Like what is it? I want you to enlighten me, because maybe it's a state difference, but I know I am not unnattractive but it's so hard to meet dudes, or at least get men attention.

    (It might be also because i'm 5'11'') but yes. Enlighten me.

  5. ahaa.

    def feeling those rules.


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